Chairman John Hope Bryant made another guest appearance on #RolandMartin Unfiltered to discuss his latest book, Financial Literacy for All, with his friend, journalist, and host, Roland Martin.

Throughout the conversation, Chairman Bryant explains why financial literacy is such an important issue for all Americans, especially African Americans and other minorities. In his view, financial literacy is the most important civil rights issue of our generation. If America is to maintain its hegemony and global positioning.

Financial literacy is a critical conversation for all communities, especially African Americans, who have been affected by issues such as slavery, Jim Cow, redlining, and other social, legal, and economic barriers preventing economic elevation. Chairman Bryant encourages the show’s largely African American viewership to pursue financial literacy and make it a part of each family’s regular conversation. 

He says that African Americans have thrived and excelled at everything in this country when they’re made aware of the rules and have coaching to know how to play the game. That’s what Operation HOPE and Financial Literacy for All help teach, promote, and explain.

Watch the interview in full here, purchase your copy of Financial Literacy for All, and visit to schedule an appointment with a financial wellbeing coach today.

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