Operation HOPE and I are on a mission to transform America and put the American Dream back into the hands of the people. With that mission comes a comprehensive vision that I believe will fundamentally transform the very fabric of our nation. However, this isn’t the first time America has undergone radical reconstruction efforts to restore and redeem its soul.

The First Reconstruction followed the ending of the Civil War and included the launch of the Freedman’s Bank in 1865. The Freedman’s Bank was designed to help newly freed African Americans join the American economic system and forge a future for themselves. Ultimately, the bank failed due to a lack of support from Congress. However, at its closing the number of bank clients and the total amount of money held was a testament to the growing desire for financial knowledge and access to opportunity from Black Americans.

The Second Resconstruction was about access to space and place, creating equal opportunity for African Americans to enjoy full participation in the American political system and society.

This Third Reconstruction, which began in 2020, seeks to radically open up economic opportunity for the nation, led by creating opportunity at scale for the African American community. Today, we have moved from civil rights to Silver Rights, economic justice for the masses.

Here are the three pillars of the economic plan of the Third Reconstruction:

  1. Creating an economic system for Black America. 
  2. Create an economic infrastructure for the underserved.
  3. Operation HOPE becoming America’s financial coach at scale with 1,000 HOPE Inside locations across the country.

We’re making tremendous strides in all three of these areas, and we’re gaining more momentum by the day. You can be a part of this grand vision that we’re bringing to life through your participation. Together, we can finish the work of the Freedman’s Bank by joining The 1865 Project. Sign up for one of Operation HOPE’s programs, at no cost to you, and begin your financial empowerment journey today, and make a gift of at least $18.65 to help push our mission forward.

Additionally, we’ve launched the 1 Million Black Businesses (1MBB) inititative and Financial Literacy for All (FL4A) to help drive economic inclusion for the Black community specifically, seeking to stand up 1 million Black-owned businesses by 2030, and a focus on raising the cultural standard for financial literacy for the nation in general.

Let’s transform America by joining heart and hand to bring about hope.

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