For years I’ve been saying that 700 Credit Score Communities don’t riot. That has always been the case, but up until now, it’s purely been anecdotal. Today, Operation HOPE is filling in the gaps with research-based evidence that proves our assertions and the model of our work with the new HOPE Community Credit Score Index, designed to help transform America financially corner by corner.

Credit scores are more than indicators of individual financial health, they are a barometer for the overall health of the community and a lens into how strong money mindsets accompanied by smart financial decisions can change the look, feel, health, and future of a community. Recently, while speaking at and attending the annual Economic Summit in Chicago, hosted by Melissa Conyears Ervin, the City Treasurer, I visited a sub-600 credit score and then I drove 10-minutes down the road and found myself in a 700 Credit Score Community. The difference is night and day. The quality of the people is no different. There are people with good and bad morals on both sides of the track. Brilliance on both ends of the neighborhood. But the quantitive and qualitative difference is found in the credit scores.

Let me show you why in my latest Straight Talk. Reply in the comments below with your thoughts. 

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