People often try to write off history as something far in the past that has little to no effect on our present-day realities, but that’s far from true. Many of our social conditions, and modern conveniences and practices, like our transportation system, homeownership, and the practice of tipping have deep roots in the past that’s less than honorable. While we can’t change the past we can acknowledge its effects on our lives and society as a whole and collaborate on how we can work to overcome the challenges that they offer today.

For hundreds of years, Black Americans were forced into an unfair and immoral version of capitalism called slavery. Day in and day out slaves used their intelligence, strength, and talents to build wealth for others, but never benefiting themselves. Decades upon decades of socio-economic deprivation created a culture of surviving versus thriving in many, if not most, African American communities. While it can be argued that this the norm for many, I refuse to believe that that’s the way it has to be.

It’s time for us as a community to upgrade our business plan. For so long we were relegated to industries that benefited others using intangible gifts that others couldn’t take away, like our ability to create and modify culture through the arts, sports, and entertainment. But now it’s time for us to leverage the moment that we’re in and pursue pathways that are open and available and pave the way towards overwhelming success, like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

The world is ever-evolving and there will always be a need for athletes, singers, entertainers, and the like. But we want to see more doctors, inventors, and engineers who will show other Black boys and girls that their genius is unlimited and can be harnessed to create generational wealth and success.

Check out my latest video below to find out what steps we can take to upgrade our business plan:

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