With every profession in life you need to have certain internal prerequisites, or character traits, if you will, or a basic bend toward a particular skillset to be good or exceptional at your craft. If you’re going to be an attorney you need to be a critical reader and an analytical thinker. If you’re going to be a chef you need effective time management. If you’re going to be a bookkeeper my hope is that you’d be good with numbers. 

But what about being an entrepreneur?

Yes, creativity is important. Great communication skills are essential. Organization is definitely a must have. But let’s face it. Each of those skills or qualities can be hired and contracted out to other people to help the entrepreneur achieve his or her business goals.

So again, what is the one fundamental quality that every entrepreneur MUST have to succeed?

Check out my video below to find out and then visit OperationHOPE.org to join a Small Business Development cohort near you or visit 1MBB.org to join the 1 Million Black Businesses initiative, where we’re striving to stand up 1 million Black-owned businesses by 2030.

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