It began with launching Building Black Biz Atlanta, in partnership with the work of Operation HOPE. And specifically, getting the word out about our new 1 Million Black Business Initiative (1MBB), which is backed by a 10-year, $130M commitment from eCommerce giant Shopify.

Sometimes, magic just happens. Such was the case when I met Drew Lauter, president for iHeart Atlanta, a major division of one of the largest radio and media companies in the country, and we began framing out an agenda to help advance black business.

The next phase of the partnership, led once again by Drew Lauter and his team, excited me even more. Recently, iHeart Media Atlanta has committed to help start 10,000 new black businesses, as part of our commitment 1MBB!

This is nothing short of inspiring, and it is my sincere hope that many other organizations and companies follow the model lead of iHeart Atlanta, in helping 1MBB to stand up new black businesses in America.

If 100 companies or organizations in America commit over the next 10 years to start or expand 10,000 black businesses each, that alone will reach the 1 million black business mark! Which means, we only need 99 additional HOPE Commitment makers like iHeart Atlanta.

And here is the best part — there is yet another major commitment coming from iHeart, that will positively impact and lift our larger work for the underserved. Stay tuned for more!

In the meantime, tell all of your friends about 1MBB, and have them sign up to begin living their dreams by starting their own enterprise, at

It’s time for change in America. We must lead it. All of us.

Let’s go….

John Hope Bryant

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