May is Small Business Month and I’m excited about it for many reasons. For one, it’s because I’m celebrating myself! I’m a proud entrepreneur and small business owner. I’ve launched over 40 different entities over the course of my career and I’ve grown two to become the largest in their sectors. Second, small businesses make up the majority of job creation in America. So every small business and small business owner matters, and we appreciate each of you. Lastly, Small Business Month is a great reminder about the potential for wealth creation that exists in each entrepreneurial endeavor. We are blessed to live in a country with such a low barrier of entry to get started as a business owner!

At Operation HOPE we’ve taken on the ambitious task of launching 1,000,000 new Black businesses over the next ten years through 1 Million Black Businesses initiative, powered by HOPE and Shopify.  We’re already well on our way with more than 10,000 businesses signed up for the program and it’s steadily growing by the day. 

This month, we salute each small business and small business owner who is building their dream and creating wealth for themselves and their family. Check out my latest video about Small Business Month below:

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