Today, a jury of his peers has rendered their verdict in the case of Officer Derek Chauvin, and as Dr. King famously said, “justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream”. We hope this brings some closure to the family of George Floyd, the community of Minneapolis, and America as a whole. But now, it is time for America to begin moving forward and to begin the process of healing. We must still contend with the underlying systemic issues that Mr. Floyd’s murder brought into the public square almost a year ago, including policing and criminal justice reform, growing disparities in opportunity, income, housing, health care and a host of other issues.
At Operation HOPE, we will continue advancing the cause of social justice through an economic lens, working to provide equitable economic opportunity for all our brothers and sisters. By focusing on what unites us, we can build together as one nation, and write a new chapter in the American story.
– John Hope Bryant
Founder, Chairman, and CEO

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