Michael Rahming, Blake Kercher, Nick Mosley

Last year I wrote the New Marshall Plan in an attempt to frame out a broader vision of and for America in the midst of what I deemed to be a war — a war against a virus, a cultural war, and an economic war against foreign interest who want America’s place in the world.

And so, in addition to wishing the best for our federal government, I continue to be a huge booster for America’s small business class, at all levels. Today, I met one such business owner – a Mr. Blake Kercher, owner of Rejuvenate Flooring out of Atlanta.

Blake runs a successful small business but seems to always find the time, several times a year, to bring on board an intern with whom he could share his gifts and knowledge. Such was the case this week, when on a job I hired his company for, I had the pleasure of meeting young Michael Rahming, a 16 year old high school student whose mother dropped off to intern and to learn.

Blake goes out his way to teach his craft toMichael Rahming and other young people, this expertise in the intricacies of epoxy resins, and their application to epoxy floors. Their clients are now nationwide, and these young people are gaining skills and trades that will last a lifetime.

A civil engineering student, Michael has a strong career opportunity ahead of him, and now he is gaining an expertise in epoxy resin ‘technology’ as well.

A Nation of Small Business Internships.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if every business in America would take on just one young man or young woman on an internship. Just this act alone, would change America, change her for the better. It would also solve, I believe, our crisis of high schools drop outs in this country, as now every young person would see ‘their education, now tied to their aspiration.

I see this new vision tied up with what I am now increasingly calling the 3rd Reconstruction. A decade of hoped for opportunity for all.

If you want to help us to advance this bold vision for America, and by extension our broader world, contact Mary Ehrsam and our team at Operation HOPE. We are sitting in a moment in history. And you can become a modern day history maker.

John Hope Bryant

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