Chaitra and I were honored

Chaitra Bryant and I were honored to spend the Thanksgiving holiday as guest of the members of the Mandela family in mother South Africa. Specifically, Zondwa Mandela, chairman of the Mandela Legacy Foundation and grandson of Winnie Mandela and Nelson Mandela, and a new friend.

We were also thrilled to also bring our nephew, Mason Dalton, for his first trip to the African continent.

John Hope Bryant, Chaitra Dalton Bryant and Mason Dalton

While here we experienced one of the Mandela Legacy Foundation signature programs — it’s called CareerBox, and it’s sponsored by CCI South Africa, and its CEO Mark Chana, and led internally by noted Australian businessman Ross Stewart. Truly, inspiring what they are up to. Creating a new generation of living wage jobs in and for South Africans who have been previously excluded.

CareerBox graduates at CCI South Africa

Stand by for more information here, as we work to forge a powerful partnership for transformational change on the African continent. This would represent ‘2.0’ work for Operation HOPE in South Africa when and if we move it. The best is yet to come.

Onward, and with HOPE.

John Hope Bryant

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