I recently appeared on the weekend edition of CNN Newsroom with host Fredricka Whitfield to discuss the state of the economy, the effects of tariffs on China to the American consumer, and a sustainable economic solution for America’s middle class.

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During the segment, I highlighted the real time effects of the “political economy” on the average American. Consumer debt is at an all-time high, which demonstrates that everybody needs a massive financial literacy course, not just poor people. If employers can’t pay people more, then treat them better, by offering financial wellbeing at the workplace and financial coaching. That’s what Operation HOPE is trying to do with our HOPE Inside model, including HOPE Inside the Workplace.

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Having financial literacy is also important when it comes to the recent interest rate cuts. Without it, the full benefit of the changes won’t be realized by the majority of Americans. The solution is that lawmakers must give America a dream that they can actually bank on. This includes providing education plus capital access, and access to opportunity.

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