“Andrew Young Presents: The Color of Money”

In the latest installment of “Andrew Young Presents”, Ambassador Andrew Young, the chief lieutenant and standard bearer for the Civil Rights Movement, returns to Memphis, Tennessee to examine Dr. King’s vision for economic justice and equality alongside the present work of Operation HOPE, led by Chairman, Founder, and CEO, John Hope Bryant.

Ambassador Andrew J. Young

Operation HOPE is proud to stand in the light and legacy of Dr. King and Ambassador Andrew Young doing the work of promoting financial literacy and inclusion. With the blessing of one of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, John Hope Bryant and HOPE continue to march on towards economic liberty and justice for all through the Silver Rights Movement.

John Hope Bryant and Ambassador Andrew J. Young

You can watch this powerful documentary, “Andrew Young Presents: The Color of Money”, at TheColorOfMoney.org  and visit us at www.operationhope.org to learn more and become involved in the movement. 

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