Earlier this week, I went LIVE on Facebook and YouTube to announce a very exciting initiative that YOU can be a part of. It’s called “HOPE in Action Commitments”. This platform gives you a chance to show how you can change the world… one good deed at a time.

I have always believed that one person could make a difference. This is why I founded Operation HOPE 27 years ago, this week. HOPE in Action Commitments is an extension of this and the ongoing “Silver Rights Movement”. This is what we call “democratizing civic engagement”.

Click image to watch the FULL announcement of “HOPE in Action Commitments”

Your commitment can be big or small. It can range from mentoring a child, to providing apprenticeships at your barbershop or beauty salon. We, at Operation HOPE, will help give you the tools and curriculum you need to be your own agent for change.

How do you get started? Go to the COMMITMENT tab on the HOPE Global Forum website and register your commitment. You will be recognized at our annual meeting, happening May 29-31 in Atlanta, and you’ll also be acknowledged in our annual report.

Once you complete your commitment, you’ll receive a beautiful certificate, signed by me, for your efforts. You can then refer those you’ve helped to us and we will provide credit score counseling, small business counseling, mentorship support, and more– for free.

My goal is to get 10,000 Commitments by 2025, impacting and touching 1 billion people.  Let’s Go…

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