The idea of homeownership shouldn’t really be a debate. But for some reason, I have to keep pushing this point. Recently, I’ve heard some well-known people encouraging others to hold off on owning a home. There are several arguments about this… the most prominent reason being that it’s better to save your money and rent.

I don’t understand wealthy, privileged people trying to downplay homeownership. Keep in mind that these people OWN a home.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think renting is a great option. I rented for a long time myself. But if you can own a home, you should own a home.

Consider this…

1) You get appreciation of that real estate.

2) You get all kinds of tax advantages and asset protection

3) There’s the pride of homeownership

I own real estate that I rent out through The Promise Homes Company. Of course, it would seem to be in my best interest to encourage renting over owning, but I want to make sure you get an asset in your name.

Looking for a way to get started? Go to and speak to a Financial Wellbeing Coach today to help you on the journey to becoming a homeowner!


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