As I say say in my bestselling book The Memo: 5 Rules for Your Economic Liberation, “Sometimes it’s what you don’t know, that you don’t know that’s killing you (but you think you know).” This was the case this past week in Orlando, Florida, where I was asked to speak at the Lake Nona Impact Forum. Other than being asked to speak by someone I highly respect, I had no idea!

Lake Nona is one of the special places in the world, known as a center for health wellness and medical breakthroughs, worldwide — but I had no idea before I accepted this invitation to speak.

A curated gathering of 250 leaders, from the top spots in their respective fields – including my new friend Dr. Deepak Chopra, to the chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, to former athlete and now businessman Grant Hill to tennis legend Billy Jean King.

Leaders, all, leaving in to life’s challenges and problems to make a difference. And making a difference they are. Our mouths were left wide open on countless occasions, as we observed the amazing innovations that were either just being introduced into the world or under development at Lake Nona. They even have curated communities of wellness here.

Next time you are in Orlando, don’t just go to the theme parks. Head over to Lake Nona and be nosy there too. It will leave you inspired.

John Hope Bryant.

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