We’re growing! Today, I’m in South Florida to help open our newest HOPE Inside office.

HOPE Inside Capital Bank Homestead is one of 26 openings in a 60-day period across the country. 

In just five years, our award-winning HOPE Inside model has transformed and extended the reach of Operation HOPE — growing from one location on the West Coast to more than 100 locations in both urban and rural communities, in more than 20 states, connected with more than 40 partners, touching almost 3 million lives. Today, we stand ready to further amplify our reach with commitments to launch 450 new HOPE Inside locations in the next 18 months, with our goal of commitments to 1,000 locations by 2020 always in focus.

I’m excited about our progress. We’re reaching more people and giving them the opportunity to take back their lives and WIN!

Stay tuned for more information on other HOPE Inside openings and how Operation HOPE is transforming lives through financial empowerment.

Click HERE to find a location in your community.

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