Today we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His life and legacy has had a profound impact on many in years past and continues to do so this very day. Below is an excerpt from a blog written by Roy Johnson of Alabama addressing the final focus of Dr. King’s work — eradicating poverty . Roy attended the 2018 HOPE Global forums in Atlanta last week and connects our work with Dr. King’s mission:

“There are myriad racial inequities and injustices today–as many, perhaps, as there were during King’s short life–that must still be exposed, addressed and, hopefully, eradicated.

Yet as the 50th year since King’s death approached, it became clear that the most vital way for us, all of us, the honor him–indeed, the only way to ensure his legacy positively impacts us and our children–is to pick up the mantle he lifted in his final days when King pivoted the movement’s focus from racial disparities to poverty.

Being poor, then and now, has no geographic boundaries, no race or ethnicity–no political allegiance.

It resides in our state’s largest cities, hardly a long stroll, in many instances, from neighborhoods where success and wealth reside. Near yet all-but-invisible to those blessed to have never been poor or blessed with the “memo” that helped them escape it.

And now, as then, we all have a stake in poverty’s demise.”

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