I am honored to appear on one of the shows I most respect tomorrow morning — CNBC’s SquawkBox — which also features three anchors I also highly respect. Namely Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and colleague Andrew Ross Sorkin. On tomorrow’s show I look forward to not only introducing my new book from Berrett-Koehler Publishing, entitled THE MEMO: Five Rules For Your Economic Liberation.

In addition to introducing the new book, I will also introduce the new Operation HOPE National FICO Credit Score Index, which will bring the concepts in the book to life with Big Data analytics. We will use the power of credit scores as a societal ‘trending indicator’ of community and individual health, like never before.

Help us make this book a national bestseller. Help give the majority of the people in this nation, and arguably people the world over, the critical and unwritten tools and insights to truly set themselves free. Help us teach the world How To Fish, and thereafter, How To Own The Lake.

Get your copy of The Memo here.

Let’s go…

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