If you have spent anytime at all following our movement or working within the Operation HOPE extended, you have seen, spoken to or interacted with Ms. Rachael Doff.  Here, she is standing quietly over my shoulder, back and to my left.  Saying little. Watching everything. Caring about the excellence of all of it.

Rachael Doff’s official title is EVP, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief of Staff, but in reality she is my closest confident, confidential assistant and the most important driver of things most important to me.

Rachael has proven so good at what she does over these years that the people who know her best, simply call her ‘the Doffinator.’

But none of these descriptions do her justice, because none of these descriptions describe, nor do they make her human.  Rachael is simply one of the kindest and most genuine people you will ever meet. She cares deeply, and while she is required to keep a steely composition as my chief of staff and internal leader at HOPE (the guardian of the HOPE flame when I am out of the room), she is one of the most sensitive, aware and compassionate people on my team.  She is one who ‘speaks often without words.’  A truly authentic leader within the Operation HOPE family.

I wanted to take this to wish Ms. Rachael Doff a wonderful and joy filled 24th anniversary with me and Operation HOPE. This makes Rachael my and our longest serving Operation HOPE employee!

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant, Founder, Operation HOPE


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