More than 275,000 viewers have tuned in to a message that I would like all poor and struggling minority citizens of the United States, and then minorities the world over, to see — and it is called Beyond Racism.

Love and hate are both beautiful things, because they both require you to feel strongly about a certain thing, and then you are willing to act in accordance with your feelings about that thing. But what is worse – is something I increasingly call ‘radical indifference.’  This is when someone or a group do not care enough about you– to hate you.  They just want to be ‘left alone,’ which cannot be good for anyone.

Take a view. Share it with friends.  Let me know what you think.  Please tell your friends and colleagues to sign on and follow the growing John Hope Bryant ‘Straight Talk’ Silver Rights Series on Facebook Live here. The next movement will be digital.

Be a part of a new solution. Building bridges, not walls.

This is the Silver Rights Movement.  Let’s go…

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