John Hope Bryant shares his inspiration for founding America’s largest financial services network for the underserved and working class, Operation HOPE. “I always thought there was a gap in the world — things that the government and private citizens couldn’t do.” Bryant sought to fill a societal void with his Silver Rights Movement, which addresses class and poverty. The Silver Rights Movement is a campaign, led by Operation HOPE, to financially empower people with tools and resources to take their lives back. In this Straight Talk Video Series segment, John Hope Bryant outlines 4 ways that Operation HOPE can transform people’s lives:

1. Giving people their dignity back. Through his organization, Global Dignity, thousands of volunteers act as guides and facilitators, leading students in a conversation about dignity. Global Dignity aims to make the concept of dignity tangible and understandable for each and every student.
2. Re-introducing people — back to ‘themselves.’ Half of all poverty is low self-esteem, and lack of confidence in yourself. Operation HOPE helps to restore confidence and build self-esteem.
3. Providing people with an opportunity for redemption. You can make a mistake, and not be one. The HOPE Inside Network helps adults find their passion, through financial empowerment programs that provide free credit and money management, homeownership and small business assistance.
4. Introducing youth to their “Identity Project,” and helping adults discover and act on their “Purpose Project.” A lot of kids fail because they don’t know who they are. HOPE Business In A Box Academies help youth find their purpose, through financial literacy and entrepreneurial development.

“Life is 10% what life does to you, and 90% how you choose to respond to it.”

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