This young NYC entrepreneur proves that you can create a ‘sold out’ business experience, surrounded by like-minded vendors (competitors), with nothing more sophisticated than superior customer service and a good attitude. 

He smiled, he apologized for the delays created by the long purchase lines at this stand, he multi-tasked, he took care of business for his customers ~ and his line stretched clear around his booth.

When you asked him did he take credit cards, he did not give you grief or shoot you an ‘unpleasant look’ he simply pulled out his cell phone with a credit card swiper installed and stood at the ready ~ apologizing that he would have to charge taxes and sur-charges for credit card purchases.  The purchase would be less expensive for cash, he reminded me, but everything coming out of his mouth was ultimately about securing that sale, and taking care of his customers.  And then — on top of everything — he proceeded to FRAME (on the spot) the four pictures that we purchased for the house.  

He even offered to give us one free print complimentary, due to the wait. In other words, his customer service and customer engagement skills could not have been much better.

As we were preparing to leave, we noticed that he was using his iPhone for something beyond listening to music while he worked. He was taking inventory. He took a picture of every purchase, which served as his inventory management system while his wife was away doing other things. Smart man….

0This young businessman proves you don’t have to start a high tech company, or have a complicated business plan that requires tons of capital and people. Sometimes you can just create a business from mere hustle, persistence, and excellence customer service.  The only ‘attitude’ this young businessman had, was a good one.

If you cannot get a job, create a job.  Become your own self-employment project. This young man did, and he is making what appears to be a full time living — surrounded by competitors no more than 50 feet in every direction. He is a winner, because he believes he can be.

If you want to explore becoming a small business owner or entrepreneur, maybe like this young man, find and reach out to your local office of Operation HOPE in your neighborhood.  This is — the Silver Rights Movement.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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