Ambassador Andrew Young

Entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist Tommy Dortch, Jr and myself are proud to announce our commitment to Co-Chair the new Andrew Young Legacy Initiative, focused on building a living legacy of organizational sustainability for the Andrew Young Foundation.

The new Initiative will help to cultivate a baseline of organizational and fiscal sustainability for the foundation.

The Andrew Young Legacy Initiative and the Andrew Young Foundation underscore, highlight and actively demonstrate the global leadership values of founder and civil rights icon, Ambassador Andrew Young.

Ambassador Young was the right arm, chief lieutenant and chief strategist for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the civil rights movement, the first Congressman elected from the South since Reconstruction, the first Black UN Ambassador in the history of the nation (under President Jimmy Carter) and mayor of Atlanta, Georgia for two terms, where he inspired more than 70B in new investment in the city, turning it into the only international city in the South.

Later Ambassador Andrew Young direcly inspired world leaders to vote on Atlanta to host the Atlanta Olympic Games, which Young Co-Chaired, and so many other accomplishments they are hard to list here. Ambassador Andrew Young holds more than 125 Honorary Doctorate Degrees. To put this into perspective, I have a total one ONE Honorary Doctorate Degrees.

Ambassador Andrew Young is also the Global Spokesman for Operation HOPE, the ‘silver rights empowerment’ movement organization I founded nearly 25 years ago, following the Rodney King Riots in South Los Angeles.

Ambassador Young’s official biography can be found here.

Below you will find a tribute that I recently recorded on the occasion of Ambassador Young’s most recent birthday. Every young person and current leader, needs to KNOW this man.  Let’s begin with YOU!

If you are interested in playing a part in history and becoming a founding Annual Member in the Andrew Young Legacy Initiative, contact the Andrew Young Foundation Chief Financial Officer Kathy White here.

Like the new Andrew Young Legacy Initiative on Facebook here, and of course the Facebook Page for the Andrew Young Foundation here.

Okay, let’s go…

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