JHB and American Banker

As some followers know, I recently launched a Public Figure Facebook Page where I will integrate and focus a good portion of my social media engagement.  

One cool feature of the Public Figures Pages on Facebook is something called Facebook Mentions, which is a Live Video feature — allowing you to engage with Followers Live, often and in real time. Followers can comment, engage in Q&A with the principal individual directly (in this case it is me), and of course share with their own community within the Facebook community.  

More than 130K viewers have logged on and shared my Live Video feed content over the last week to 10 days alone, and as it appears the content is both meaningful and relevant, I have committed to providing fresh content weekly. When I can, there will be quick daily Video content around the Bryant Leadership Series, covering a range of topics important to me: leadership, financial inclusion, financial literacy, economic empowerment, building an economy for all, becoming your own best self and uplift for all.

You can find the new John Hope Bryant Public Figure Page here. Please Like and join me here.

Onward and with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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