I was super pleased to welcome my dear friend Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chairman of the Clinton Foundation, on the main stage of our HOPE Global Forum, 2016 Annual Meeting of Operation HOPE here in Atlanta, Georgia.  

As usual, Chelsea was gracious, passionate, focused on finding ways to deliver ‘the public good,’ and totally engaged in our conversation on the future of leadership, and our future leadership.  Anyone thinking that Chelsea Clinton is merely ‘her parent’s daughter,’ doesn’t know Chelsea Clinton.  And worse, they are missing the memo on a great, future leader.  

We also discussed the future role of women and girls in our nation and our world.  I suggested that this could very well be ‘The Decade of the Woman,’ and right on time — Chelsea asked this question: “why just a decade John?”  And you wonder why I believe she represents the future?

If you want to be inspired about the future, and future leadership, watch this session featuring my friend with Chelsea.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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