This morning I wrote what I believe to be an important piece for LinkedIn Influencers, entitled My Best Adult Life Lesson. Fancy Doesn’t Count

Essentially I said, don’t be impressed or moved by all of these folks who walk around ‘impressed with themselves,’ and bragging about whatever college degree they attained. They don’t matter, and their degrees alone, don’t count. Read the complete piece below, share with your friends, and let me know what you think. 

My Best Adult Life Lesson. Fancy Doesn’t Count

The greatest lesson I ever learned as a budding entrepreneur growing up, and as a leader of my own life today, is fancy doesn’t count.  

An expensive advanced degree from a fancy university, alone, doesn’t count. 

I speak regularly at major universities across the nation and around the world, and yet I received no more than a GED degree from Santa Monica High School (something comedian Chris Rock calls, a ‘Good Enough Diploma’).  

I have an honorary doctorate degree and advanced certificates and awards from the likes of Harvard University, USC and Spelman College, but my most significant education came from working hard, learning life’s lessons, making mistakes, picking myself up, doubling down, and then boldly stepping back into my own life, minus the drama.

Read the complete piece here

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