“Today’s U.S. Treasury announcement on the Treasury Annex Building being renamed after Freedman’s Bank is a continuation of the 150 year legacies of President Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass and their shared goal – economic empowerment for former slaves”, said Ambassador Andrew Young.

“Designating the U.S. Treasury Annex the Freedman’s Bank Building is a beginning for the fulfillment of the promise that Martin Luther King so passionately declared in his I Have a Dream speech in 1963.  As a leader in the Civil Rights movement, and as Global Spokesman for Operation HOPE,

I am grateful to President Obama and Treasury Secretary Lew for taking this extraordinary step.”

The Freedman’s Bank, established on March 3, 1865, by President Lincoln through an act of Congress remains an important milestone in American history. This renaming will memorialize its significance and will serve as a reminder that all Americans, particularly those who are underserved and struggling, are included and should prosper in the free enterprise system.

Ambassador Andrew Young

Civil rights leader

Lieutenant and chief strategist to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

First Black appointed as United Nations Ambassador from the United States

Former Mayor of Atlanta, two terms

Former U.S. Congressman and first from Georgia to Congress since Reconstruction

Co-Chair, Atlanta Olympic Games

Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

Recipient of 100+ Honorary Doctorate Degrees

Founder and Chairman, Andrew Young Foundation

Global Spokesman, Operation HOPE

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