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People get desperate about keeping a job, mostly because they are not all that sure they could find another one.  And this is precisely the wrong way to approach life.  I once considered, seriously, firing myself, because I thought that I was under performing on the team.  I thought I was holding back the true potential of the group.  Oddly enough, it was only when I fully embraced the potential of actually ‘firing myself,’ that I discovered my Act II at and for Operation HOPE, where I serve as chairman and CEO.  I had to put everything at risk in order to discover what the universe truly had in store — both for me and the organization I ran.

As you will see in the below article for LinkedIn Influencers, all of this happened back in 2013 and 2014 respectively, and the payoff of embracing what I can call my own professional failures of true performance, led directly to the next generation of excellence, and organizational growth. Operation HOPE is on a true growth path, but none of this would have been possible, I truly believe, had I not been committed to ‘getting out of my own way.’  You should try it some time. It’s — liberating.

Don’t blame someone else for your short comings and problems.

Don’t blame the job, the boss, the universe or God.

Take responsibility, for everything that is happening, and not happening in your life. It is at that very moment, will all future opportunities in and for your life, are yours for the taking.

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