Earlier this year I spoke at the Mackinac Policy Conference in Michigan, and while the conference was focused on the entire state and its prosperity, stability and uplift, I focused the majority of my comments on the revitalization, stability, sustainability and uplift of Detroit.

I said while there, that “America needed Detroit to succeed again,” and I meant this.  America — needs Detroit to win again.  60 plus years ago Detroit, Michigan was the wealthiest city in the world. That’s right — the wealthiest city in the world.  Today, their average income is $26,000 per resident. This is not sustainable, but focusing on the future aspirations and prosperity of these very citizens is very much ‘sustainable.’

Two of my close friends and advisors in Detroit, who are on point for the overall revitalization for Detroit, namely Sandy Baruah, CEO of the Detroit Chamber of Commerce, and Mark Davidoff, Managing Director for Deloitte for Michigan, frame out a winning formula for Detroit’s future success in this piece from the Detroit News.

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Economic inclusion must top priority list

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