Thanks to readers across the country, and around the world, “How The Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class. The Solution for the 100%,” is the only bestselling book on economics in the world by an African-American author.  The book has been translated into five languages and licensed in four countries, and the paperback version of the book just came out earlier this month, where it ranked as #1 New Release in Business Development on

There are 91 reviews (99% of which are 4-5 Star Reviews) for the book on

I am asking — if you have indeed read the book or you know someone that has — to help us get over 125 book reviews on  That means another 9 reviews to get to 100, and about 35 new reviews to get to 125.   You can add your review of the book here. All opinions welcome (whatever it may be).

Reviews matter a great deal, when key leaders here and around the world are looking to books that they should pay added attention to.  Thanks all.  This is a grass roots movement, and it depends on you — the reader, the people committed to broad-based change.  Opening up the free enterprise system to all.

A special thank you to everyone for making this book an important read for current and future leaders alike. Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant


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