I woke on Saturday to surprising news.  A man I respected and admired, Mr. Julian Bond, had passed. My first reaction, was to reconfirm that the news was accurate. It was.

I didn’t know Mr. Bond as well as I may have wanted to, but I did know him.  And all of my memories are fond ones.  I remember one time in particular, when I was dealing with a difficult situation involving an individual within the NAACP.  I reached out to him with a letter, and he responded with a personal call.

The call was short, sweet, to the point, insightful, smart, helpful — and funny.  And that, in a nutshell, pretty much describes the man.

My heart goes out to Mr. Bond’s family, namely his son Michael Bond, who is Councilman Michael Bond here in Atlanta, Georgia.  I just saw him a couple weeks ago here at our home.  A wonderful human being, and a solid leader.  This — is Mr. Julian Bond’s living legacy.  And it is strong.

Condolences, to the entire Bond family, from the Bryant, Bryant Group and Operation HOPE families.

John Hope Bryant




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