Bill George publishes an incredible new leadership book out — now

August, 2015

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My friend Bill George has been an absolute inspiration for me.  After meeting Bill George at a Harvard University program for the Forum of Young Global Leaders (He is the famous former CEO of Medtronics), we became instant friends.  Bill and his family foundation even supported my work with Operation HOPE.

In many ways, he is the most important person that is responsible for Love Leadership being published.

Bill introduced me to my publisher -- Jossey-Bass Publishing -- and completely vouched for me.  He also wrote the Forward for Love Leadership. In other words, Bill George was 'all in' when it came to me.  And now, today - I am 'all in' for Bill George.

Bill wrote an international business bestseller several years ago, entitled True North.  This month he published his newest book, entitled Discover Your True North.  The book came out August 10th, 2015, and I am honored to be included amongst one of his profiles of 101 leaders and their candid stories.

For those fortunate enough to see him, Bill George will be in Atlanta on October 15th to give an address at Georgia Tech and to speak before other important groups for his new book.  Expect to see him in a city near you.

You can support Bill George -- and yourself -- by picking up a copy of his book here.  Tell Bill I sent you (smile).

John Hope Bryant

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