Insight: Mr. Donald Trump, behind Mr. Donald Trump.

August, 2015

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I had grown so tired of the non-stop political commentating on 'Mr. Trump's motives,' and 'what this all means,' in the midst of me trying to consume a bit of real news on a range of television news programs, that I decided to simply write about it.

Many things in life are complicated. The Israel and Palestinian challenge is complicated.

Syria is complicated.

Even Ferguson, MO, on some level, is complicated.

But this -- why Mr. Trump (who is a brilliant marketer a businessman on some level, I might add) -- is not one of them.  This, is simple.

As for me, I am not crazy about many of the things that come out of his mouth, so personally I don't consciously do business with his franchises (I was a guest at dinner when I met him).  It was Dr. King that once said "I refuse to finance my own oppression," or something to that effect.

This story may become complicated, but its origins are simple and straight forward.  Here is the piece I wrote and just published on LinkedIn Influencers.  Hope it helps to clarify things.  Feel free to share.


John Hope Bryant



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