How the Poor Can Save Capitalism Tour of 2014.

How the Poor Can Save Capitalism Tour of 2014.

Today I posted a piece in LinkedIn Influencers, focused on the power of Fear to sidetrack our dreams, destabilize our lives, and cripple the aspiration of our children, and ourselves.

The piece is called “Fear is a Punk, Get Lost,” and follows on from another piece I wrote a week or so before, entitled “Tell the Losers to Get Loss.”

Fear is a Punk. Get Lost.

Fear really is a punk.

One of the biggest problem in the world today is fear-based leaders and fear-based leadership on the one hand, and ‘fear-based insecurities – within you and me – on the other.

Fear, feeding on fear.  And hurt people, that hurt people.

When fears find ways to convert into insecurities, in our lives and our society, they then becomes very dangerous.  

Hope falls away, and a healthy skepticism is replaced by a destructive cynicism. From there, our fears grow emotional arms and legs. It then starts showing up everywhere in our lives.

Read the full article here.

Let me know what you think, and share it with those you believe might benefit.

Let’s go.

John Hope Bryant



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