HOPE Inside Locations

At Operation HOPE, we have a vision of engaging more than 5,000 professionals from financial services as first ever — Certified Financial Literacy Professionals. Or more formally called, members of the growing HOPE Inside Certified Plus network across the nation.  

So when a professional — from banking, from credit unions, from insurance, from brokerage, and a range of other related professions — becomes certified through Operation HOPE and Kaplan University (see the partnership press release here), the institution or office where they work and are employed becomes a HOPE Inside Certified Plus location in our growing network.

Already we have signed up banking leaders Union Bank on the west coast, and SunTrust Banks on the east coast.

And here is what we are doing, with our pioneering partners at SunTrust Banks and the City of Jacksonville, Florida, to bring the vision of and for HOPE Inside Certified Plus into the city and the city’s business leadership.  Find out more about what SunTrust Banks, Operation HOPE and Jacksonville just announced here.  In fact, be inspired by our HOPE Inside work and overall partnership with SunTrust Banks by watching the short video below. It truly has the potential to transform banking — itself.



We are sitting in a moment in history, right now. What are we doing with it?  I am moving…

John Hope Bryant

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