HOPE Business In A Box Academy Presentation at the HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting, 2015

One of the key features of Project 5117 is my dream, vision and plan to launch a national network of young, new entrepreneurs, small business owners and job creators from traditionally low wealth and underserved urban and rural communities.  This is the ‘silver rights’ movement made real in the remaking of modern America.

HOPE Business In A Box Academies are the equivalent of financial literacy programs on steroids. When a young person enters a HOPE Business In A Box program, they receive a Gallup Entrepreneurship StrengthFinder course, a  course in financial literacy, based on our award winning Banking on Our Future curriculum), a course in dignity (values), a course in entrepreneurship, 25 businesses you can start for $500 or less, and a pitch event in the school auditorium.  Think here, ‘Shark Tank’ for kids.

After the pitch event, the young person that most impresses the panel of volunteer HOPE Corps judges can win between $100 and $500 to start their own business.  But in order to get the money, the young person must open a bank or credit union account.  The business role model we assign helps them do this.  And at the end of the day, the Gallup-HOPE Index will measure the impact of hope, well being, engagement, financial literacy and economic energy gained by the young people through the program.

We plan on launching HOPE Business In A Box Academies in 2,000 low wealth schools across the nation through year 2020.  The below article shows you what is coming to New Jersey!

Youth entrepreneurship training program to launch in Jersey City


Want to see HOPE Business In A Box Academies in your community?  Check us out at HOPE Business In A Box.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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