IMG_2083While I lost my father on New Year’s Eve last year, the reality is that he was months from 90 years old. He had lived a long and very rich life. I cannot possibly understand or even relate to the loss by a parent, of their child.

But this is precisely what the family of Vice President Joe Biden, and Mrs. Jill Biden are dealing with today.

While many people are going about the business and intimacies, even blessings of their day — and this wonderful weekend — the Biden family is dealing with the heart wrenching loss of their son Beau Biden, to brain cancer.

And while words are never adequate in times like these, me and the entire Operation HOPE family extend our most sincere regrets, and deepest desire for healing for the Biden family. Healing particularly for Vice President Joseph Biden, and to the mother, Mrs. Jill Biden.

Blessings and with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant



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