Want to change the world? To change…our world?  Want to spark and grow a new movement, from civil rights to silver rights.  Here may be your chance.
As we embark on the next generation of leadership and growth in Atlanta and throughout the southeast region, Operation HOPE will be looking for passionate, professional and purposeful leaders to assist us as we curate a new era of silver rights empowerment for all.
HOPE will be opening a series of Project 5117 empowerment offices throughout Atlanta and throughout the region, ultimately opening market leader offices in each key city throughout the southeast.  
A full list of positions currently available can be found at or by contacting, HR Director for Operation HOPE.
Qualified individuals for the new Operation HOPE Regional President, Southeast leadership position, based in Atlanta, should contact James Bailey, CEO of Operation HOPE Atlanta. Anyone that gets through Jay Bailey will no doubt be best-in-class, Operation HOPE material.
Only the best for our people, communities, and our collective future.  This is our time.
It’s time for a new movement.
Let’s go… 
John Hope Bryant, Founder
Operation HOPE

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