LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On the heels of the 2015 HOPE Global Forum, Unnamed-3Operation HOPE published the names of all those recognized by the financial dignity nonprofit during its annual meeting, January 15-17th. Chairman Awards are given to those who provide exceptional leadership and who best exemplify its mission for empowerment, or "silver rights," to under-resourced communities.  

"Our success could not be possible without the leadership, compassion and support of our esteemed partners," said John Hope Bryant Operation HOPE founder, chairman and CEO. "It is our honor to recognize these great individuals for their work and support to help us carry out our mission to empower the underserved."

During the course the Forum both Bill Clinton and Andrew Young were distinguished for their longtime service with the prestigious HOPE Founding Civil Rights to Silver Rights Award, which is only presented to those who have had a profound impact nationally or globally. Listed below is the complete list of awardees and their honors as outlined by Chairman Bryant: 

HOPE Founding Civil Rights to Silver Rights Award

President Bill Clinton
Your leadership in economic public policy to uplift the poor spans from the New Market Tax Credits, significant increases in EITC, creation of the CDFI Fund, active support of financial literacy, to even the global recognition of micro-finance and micro-credit. Your vision of corporate responsibility and call to action of the private sector has ignited a spirit of global community engagement. You continue to generate thoughtful solutions to both national and global challenges and inspire the world to strive for positive, impactful change.

Ambassador Andrew Young
In recognition of your life's work and its positive effect on both basic human dignity, and global economic growth. From a Civil Rights leader working alongside Dr. King, to a political career as a U.S. Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations and Mayor of Atlanta, chairing the Atlanta Olympic Games, to your more than 100 Honorary Doctorate Degrees, and your role in silver rights as the HOPE Global Spokesman, you have truly changed the course of history.

HOPE Forum Leadership Award
Philippe Bourguignon
To an extraordinary global innovator and leader. The gift of your time, counsel and expertise as Chairman of the 2015 HOPE Global Forum and the Annual Meeting of Operation HOPE, has elevated not only the Global Forum, but also Operation HOPE as a whole.

HOPE Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jim Clifton
Thanks to your leadership in the creation of the Gallup-HOPE Index we now have an innovative tool to measure economic energy among America's youth. The Gallup-HOPE Index inspired the HOPE Business In A Box intervention and its mission to close the gap between entrepreneurial aspirations and economic opportunities. HOPE recognizes this partnership for its efforts to identify and affect radically positive and sustainable economic energy for many generations to come.

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