By Dean Anason

FEB 23, 2015

Unnamed-5VIPs pump up registration totals and draw TV cameras, but veteran conference-goers know that the real finds are among the low-profile, hands-on practitioners who often speak late in the afternoon when most everyone else has left to preen for the cocktail hour.

So, apologies to Bill Clinton, Andrew Young, Richard Cordray and the other notables at the Hope Global Forum on financial inclusion in Atlanta in January, but the event’s most enlightening panelist was Tim Wennes, the West Coast president of MUFG Union Bank in San Francisco.

The lessons he has learned through the bank’s projects in blighted parts of the Bay Area and elsewhere are useful for any bankers trying to increase their companies’ community involvement or make it more effective.  His No. 1 piece of advice: collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

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Posted by Natasha Eldridge, Office of the Chairman

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