I am very much in the midst of the HOPE 100-City Book Tour at present, traveling from city to city (and now from country to country), engaing leaders and luminaries and ordinary citizens, around the tenants of my new and now bestselling book, How The Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class, and delivering what we increasingly call The Memo.

Here is a link to the Flickr photo album of some of the multiple city events that have occurred since June 2nd, 2014, when the book was released.  

Hope the Book Tour will be coming to a city near you soon.

Let's go..


Watch the 4-minute movie on How The Poor Can Save Capitalism here.

Listen to the first national interview for How The Poor Can Save Capitalism, on the Steve Harvey Morning Show here.

Join the national HOPE 100-City Book Tour here.



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