HOPE Business In A Box Entrepreneurs: J & A Hats Brings The Bay All Day to the Public

September, 2014

By Natasha Eldridge

What's cooler than Late Night Snack ice cream from Ben and Jerry's? Entreprenuers of course. Not just any entrepreneurs, we are talking about middle-schoolers making their mark in the world.


Jamal White and Anthony Mata started their company J & A Hats in Spring 2014 through  Project 5117's initiative, HOPE Business in a Box Academy, at Westlake Middle School in Oakland, CA.

According to their website thebayallday.com they describe the hats as:

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Our signature line of flat-brimmed snapback hats feature our locally themed slogan, The Bay ALL DAY, on Bay Area sports team colors (i.e. green and gold hats representing the Oakland A’s; black and silver hats representing the Oakland Raiders; etc.)


The hats are available for a steal at $12 and J & A Hats will be expanding their line soon.

You can support these young businessmen and order a custom hat here.

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