By Natasha Eldridge

What's cooler than Late Night Snack ice cream from Ben and Jerry's? Entreprenuers of course. Not just any entrepreneurs, we are talking about middle-schoolers making their mark in the world.


Jamal White and Anthony Mata started their company J & A Hats in Spring 2014 through  Project 5117's initiative, HOPE Business in a Box Academy, at Westlake Middle School in Oakland, CA.

According to their website they describe the hats as:

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Our signature line of flat-brimmed snapback hats feature our locally themed slogan, The Bay ALL DAY, on Bay Area sports team colors (i.e. green and gold hats representing the Oakland A’s; black and silver hats representing the Oakland Raiders; etc.)


The hats are available for a steal at $12 and J & A Hats will be expanding their line soon.

You can support these young businessmen and order a custom hat here.

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