People can say what they want about America.

She is two-faced. Maybe.

She has a moral compass, but it's subjective. Maybe.

She could do more, and should do more. Maybe.

She needs to re-imagine herself, as a global superpower. Maybe.

She gives opportunity to some, and doesn’t even give The Memo on opportunity, to others. A strong maybe.

But this is absolutely, undeniably true: only in America… could a string of everyone from average, everyday American citizens, to the highest echelon of celebrity citizens, come together — on YouTube mind you — and raise more than $50 million for a single charity organizationALS in this case, with the ALS #IceBucketChallenge.

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge has literally taken off across America, even around the world, inspiring people far and wide to get engaged and get involved too. Heck,even my family (see below video), and friends like Howard Hewett and YGL's likeDrue Kataoka have taken the Challenge, and then made financial contributions too.

But this would probably only have happened here, in America.

Respectfully stated, a grass roots charity campaign like this, to raise money for nothing more than a good cause — with no further agenda whatsoever — would and could only happen in America.

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