Q: How do we find the political will to address poverty in America when politicians themselves won’t even mention the word—or, if they do, it is with an insinuation that the poor are a drain on the economy instead of a potential for growth.

A: If will never happen because it is “the right thing to do.” It will only happen when it becomes a political reality—when politicians’ jobs depend on it. Which means, when it becomes a national priority, and a nation’s priority, and not just a poor people’s priority. And that is precisely what is happening now. The majority of Americans are not doing as good as they should, or even as they had—and most don’t believe that their children will be able to do better either. And America is all about the middle class American Dream. And that is why I believe this is the right book, at the right time, for everyone. It is the (positive) answer to Piketty’s book on 21st century capital. He makes very good points, and I believe that in many ways, my book answers his very good questions.


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