Dear Mr. Bryant,

I heard you speak last night at the Kansas City library.  Your talk was quite enjoyable and you handled yourself very well.  I would have loved to stayed longer and heard some better thought out questions. You did handle the questions ( speeches) as well as could be imagined.

I would have liked to know what you were doing during your college age years since you did not say you had a college degree. I would have liked to know what businesses you have run or started yourself besides your candy business. 

I felt I heard some Thomas Sowell and Ayn Rand in your thoughts.  It was clear to me in your talk you do have some significant knowledge of business and economics.   Did you get that from reading certain writers?  Who would those be?  

I also believe capitalism and the freedoms we have in the USA are what make us great. We do have many problems and protecting free markets and liberty are some of those. You did shock or shake up  some in your audience which I greatly enjoyed. Your discussion of government mandated minimum wages and your defense of the once small start up known as WALMART was quite lovely. 

The auto biography by Malcolm X is a recent read for me. Why I had not read it before I cannot explain because it is truly very important American literature.  Malcolm X , MLK and many other great thinkers would agree with you that the poor lack , self esteem and role models. Then without  hope for change they can be desperate people and a danger to society.  You can see this problem in American cities, Native American reservations, Afghanistan, the middle east and around the world. 

Thank you very much for coming to KC and sharing your thoughts.  I hope you get some of good BBQ while in town.  The place with gas station attached is one of the best BBQ places in the world according to some. 




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