The below was sent to my publisher, from a Greek publishing house that was bidding on the rights.  We have removed senstive references to specific leaders and individuals mentioned, but the spirit of the note remains in tact.


"We have read “How the Poor Can Save Capitalism” by John Hope Bryant and we believe that it is exceptional study. His views on the economy, his suggestions and proposals with regards to the way out of this stagnant financial situation resonates with clarity and precision into the harsh economic reality that our country is facing at the moment.

First of all we believe that this book is aimed at our political system of our country. This book must be circulated among the eminent politicians and the upper echelons of the public administration posts. Our publishing house has published the book of  —- and members of the parliament, ministers within the current governmental coalition and important figures from the opposition. The book will be supported from all these political figures.

Secondly this book must be circulated amongst journalists (of the political and financial press) and important think tanks that influence the political parties. In this sector our publishing house has the means and the channels to promote the book. Through this breakthrough that we will achieve even prior to the actual publication of the book (September 2014 according to our plan) the book will convince booksellers and the readership alike reaching an even wider audience and ensuring the best possible results commercial-wise.

Then after publication a strong campaign through our Facebook page, Financial and Political newspapers, specific TV and Radio programs will inculcate in the whole Greek readership that this book is linked with what we are going through today in our country and what might be the way out thanks to the exciting, creative and thrilling ideas putting forward by the author that will make the Greek economy work again.”


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