HOPE Business in a Box Academies to begin five-year strategy to promote poverty reduction, educational excellence and leadership development

NEW YORK – June 26, 2014 – Operation HOPE announced today a new partnership with the Rural School & Community Trust (Rural Trust) to promote HOPE Business in a Box Academies an initiative focused on youth entrepreneurship in classrooms over the next five years, starting in rural Northeastern NC and Louisiana.

The collaboration will boost Project 5117, the HOPE’s commitment to reduce poverty as a commitment to Action for Clinton Global Initiatives America.

“We are pleased to work in partnership with the Rural Trust to bring HOPE Business In A Box Academies into classrooms throughout rural America. This initiative is designed to inspire and empower youth to take control of their future and become the nation’s next generation of job creators and business builders through collaboration with the Rural Trust. Project 5117, is leveraging a national movement for change, which works in tandem to further efforts around our commitment to Clinton Global Initiatives America,” said Mary Ehrsam, Global Youth Empowerment Group President. 

The Rural Trust seeks to help rural schools and communities grow better together by involving young people in place-based learning linked to community and economic development. Through conducting research and advocating for appropriate educational policies and equitable funding for rural schools, it improves rural access to highly effective educators; and increases rural capacity to design, implement, and support appropriate innovation.

“We are thrilled to partner with Operation Hope to bring this opportunity for financial dignity to rural youth and communities around the country,” said Executive Director for The Rural School and Community Trust Doris Terry Williams, Ed.D.  “Connecting students’ standards-based academic work to the economic needs of their families and communities can have significant and sustainable short-term and long-term impact on poverty reduction. We look forward to extending this opportunity to as many rural communities as possible.”

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