I met this impressive young leader during my interview at WSB-TV with Monica Pearson for her radio show a couple weeks back.  He is her show producer now, but 10 years ago he was but a budding intern with a passion for radio and media.  

Someone opened the door and gave him a shot, and like all good mentees he took the opportunity and ran with it!  And now he is not only a producer of the Monica Pearson Radio Show, he has taken to cultivating another young man I met while in studio.

This is how we change the world  5% of role models can stabilize any community.  I am businessman because my father was, and whatever you are doing now with your life — you are role modeling also! Think about it.

Want to make a difference in a young person's life? Make a commitment to become a HOPE Corps or HOPE Business Role Model volunteer through Project 5117 today! This we can do.

A special thank you to Atlanta broadcasting legend Monica Pearson for making this opportunity possible, for this young production star in the making. You are paying it forward.

This is what I mean by How The Poor Can Save Capitalism, and crafting and creating a New Economy.

Let's go…


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