"It's hard to get someone to agree with the truth ~ when the lie is paying their paycheck."

Ever wonder why good leaders turn into bad ones almost over night?

Or why an otherwise good person goes to Washington, D.C., genuinely committed to becoming an authentic public servant, only to emerge a short-time later as a totally self-interested, self-absorbed, pure-play politician? 

I am here to tell you that it all makes sense. Sort of. Not necessarily what you and I might callgood sense, but sense enough for us to understand. To understand, so that we can then nurture a new generation of leaders that don't do this

This is a short-version cheat-sheet on why even good leaders step-in-it, and as a result, why the world we live in is increasingly all screwed up.

This is also a short-form leadership bulletin on what you and I can do about it

To quote my friend former President Bill Clinton, "it's hard to get someone to agree to the truth, when the lie is paying their paycheck." Boom.

That's the whole ballgame ~ right there. The entire global leadership crisis, neatly wrapped up into one little sentence.

I wrote in my last book, Love Leadership: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass), that there are two things in the world; love and fearAnd what you don't love, you fear. And the reason the world is all screwed up, is that so many of our so-called leaders are living by fear.

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