The below are caring comments from one of our HOPE Leaders at a HOPE Inside location coming out of a credit counseling session.

“Last night, I counseled a homeless 24 year old single mom who is 8 months pregnant with 3 kids in transitional housing. I pulled her credit report and it showed no direct trade lines only a utility collection for $807.00 and a bankruptcy. I asked why did she have a bankruptcy and she replied to keep her lights on.

My eyes watered and I literally just laid my head down. I told her, “the sad thing is not that you filed bankruptcy but you did what you had to do…it is that you did not have options.”

It just got real! I am glad Project 5117 is here, because we are giving people options and a way up, and a way out.

One of our leaders said it best…GET MAD…Make A Difference!”

Learn more about Project 5117 here.


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